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Routine fault diagnosis and treatment plan of foam direct cutting machine

Date: 2017-09-19 来源: 永益自动化

In the operation of foam straight cutting machine, we will encounter a lot of trouble today, foam machinery manufacturers to introduce, in straight cutting machine often fails with noise and large knife knife with fracture how should we deal with.
(1) there are often broken knife bands in the foam direct cutting machine. If this happens, we can proceed from the following four aspects:
1, if we order by the knife and knife with mechanical Yangao machinary, interface is strong;
2, you need to check whether the rotation of the knife wheel is in the middle position;
3, the cutter wheel surface has no notch uneven
4 、 vertical cutting machine / vertical cutting machine bearing swing?;
(two) the running noise of the foam cutter is relatively large. If this happens, we can proceed from the following four aspects:
1. Check whether the cutter wheel bearings are damaged or not;
2. Check that the knife band comes with no friction, the worktable, the layering, and the track pulley;
3. Inspect the surface of the cutter wheel for damage;
4. Check that the knife comes with no dust

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