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Sponge cutting machine is also a sponge machine

Date: 2017-09-19 来源: 永益自动化

Sponge cutting machine has a variety of features such as durability
Sponge cutting machine adopts PC computer control system, cutting sponge, sponge without dust cut into various shapes, through the computer system control X, Y, Z axis instructions, according to the trajectory of the track automatic cutting. It has a reliable safe operating system, can process any size sponge block, all kinds of sponge fonts, slow rebound sponge, all kinds of high foam and so on. Suitable for all kinds of sponge products.

In addition, we also understand that the sponge with cutting circular knife cutting machine with machine, low noise; fast cutting speed and high efficiency; high precision; no dust, green environmental protection; rotary cutter parts with simple structure, convenient maintenance; knife with durable, low loss of equipment; have good internal dynamic balance, stable operation; beautiful appearance, firm structure, high reliability, long service life; it is the best choice for the majority of users.

What are the kinds of sponge machinery cutting machines?
Some choose sponge machinery cutting machine users after watching a lot of products, will have this question, the reason is that they see the name of the product has a lot of, what phenolic sponge cutting machinery, sponge machine, multi angle, profile cutting, hard polyurethane disc, three wheeled, peeling, they feel sponge cutting machine "family" is huge, more confused. In fact, they do not know, many name only name is not the same, the product or that product.
Sponge machine cutting machine is divided into manual and automatic this since Needless to say, they are cut according to different products, it is also

different, cutting the phenolic foam board can be called phenolic polyurethane sponge cutting machine, cutting, can be called a polyurethane sponge cutting machine; it is really different, cutting their shape for example, special-shaped sponge cutting machine, cutting machine, circular cutting machine, cutting machine, pressure type rotary cutting machine, the cutting of the shape of the product is different, the use of the tool is also not so different names.

With the market demand of the sponge is more and more big, more and more demand for special-shaped sponge has changed, some need to shape characteristics of tool cutting, but no matter how to change, change tools or re design the cutting program or find that a comprehensive sponge you cutting machine.

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