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Safety measures and six advantages of sponge direct cutting machine

Date: 2017-09-19 来源: 永益自动化

Safety measures for sponge direct cutting machine
1. sponge straight cutting machine, electrical equipment must be grounded.

2. non professionals shall not open electric boxes without authorization, otherwise they may cause personal injury. Electrical machinery must be repaired by professional electrical maintenance personnel. During maintenance, the machine should be in a power-off condition and turn off all operating devices, such as air pressure and hydraulic devices, in case they don't pay attention (open with yellow warning sign) "please do not move switch during maintenance."." Open the electric box, should first check the power supply has been cut off, if must live maintenance, should take corresponding safety measures, so as to avoid electric shock danger.

3. adjust the fuse of each fuse fuse, the current value should be the same as the original, not allowed to increase arbitrarily.

4., the power supply voltage shall not exceed 10% of the voltage of the mechanical equipment, so as to avoid the aging of the insulation of the electrical equipment.

5., the sponge straight cutting machine, half of the grinding wheel cover, belt shield, knife belt, protective cover, etc., should be complete in mechanical work.

6. sponge straight cutting machine knife with a knife before operation, 300mm not stand, in order to avoid accident.

7. moves, it not stand, so as to avoid the platform is not parallel, thus cutting inaccuracies or accidents.

8., the rotation process, belts, chains, knives, belts and other hand and other foreign objects are not allowed to approach, so as to avoid personal injury accidents.

9. pay attention to handling lifting objects below not stand so as to avoid accidents.

10. the sponge direct cutting machine has the breakdown, needs to maintain by skilled repairman.
When the sponge machine cut, the head and hands must not close to the knife belt, so as not to cause personal injury; before the operation of the machine, please install a protective cover, knife belt and sharpening grinding wheel, all protective doors should be closed.
Before work, check the rail surface and both sides of the barrier, so as not to affect the work effect.

Sponge straight cutting machine 6 advantages:
1. microcomputer control, automatic straightening, automatic calibration, automatic cutting!
2., "fool" type of operation, understand "123" staff will use
3. more than one batch at the same time, input length and quantity, computer storage memory
4. hydraulic (double tube) cut off, more accurate, quieter
5., small footprint, easy to move and install
6., smooth running, low failure rate, easy maintenance and cheap fittings

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