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Introduction of production process of cotton products


Sponge is widely used in various industries, including automotive industry, battery industry, cosmetics industry, high-end furniture manufacturing industry, etc.. Here to introduce sponge products production process.

The foamed resin, foaming aid and binder resin (which makes the finished product have adhesiveness) are mixed together; B. is foamed.
80 ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), 20 APAOPT3385, 20 copies of two azo formamide, L9 CaCO and 0.6 two cumene peroxide mixed together, foaming in the mold, and mechanically break obturator foamed sponge products can be prepared.
Its density (d) is 0.028g/cm, and the compressive hardness of 25% is 1.9KPa. Sponges are mostly made of polyurethane, just like foaming. The same material and different manufacturing processes make different things.
Sponge products mainly include polyester and polyether, can be sliced or rolled cut, but also in accordance with customer requirements of complex processing, hot pressing and blasting, opening treatment, etc..
Sponge products by heat preservation, heat insulation, sound-absorbing, shock absorption, flame retardant, anti-static, breathable and other characteristics, the above is about sponge products production process introduced.
Main use and technical parameter of sponge machinery
Full automatic continuous sponge foaming machine production line Model: YAFA-2400 mainly uses the equipment mainly applies to 10-50kg/m3 density range of soft polyurethane foam production, with a high degree of automation control, man-machine interface control system more flexible, the user can store 7 different formulations, can at any time to adjust or change the formula, and remote monitoring via the Internet, so that the production cost control is more scientific and intuitive. We can produce all kinds of ideal furniture, such as cotton shoes, cotton shoes, chest floss, electronic cotton, and all kinds of foam suitable for packing, clothing and automobile industry.
Main technical parameter 1, oven length: 16.9m
2, foam height: 1.0-1.3m
3, hair width: 1.15-2.3m
4, hair density: 10-50kg/ M3
5, total power: 130kW
6 、 connecting conveyor belt length: 16.9m
7, side adjustment width: 0.98-2.4m
8, conveyor belt line speed: 2.0-7.0m/min
9, mixing head power: 37KW
10, total vomiting volume: 200-350kg/min
11, the main dimensions of the host (L * w * h): L3400 * W4550 * H4200mm.


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