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Detailed description of manual sponge foaming machine

Date: 2017-09-19 来源: 永益自动化

The manual sponge foaming machine belongs to the simplest manual operation machine in sponge machinery. It has a certain market position with manual sponge foaming machine and its low price and foaming miniaturization. Just started doing sponge, investment will choose small sponge foam machine. The manual sponge foaming machine is divided into manual horizontal sponge foaming machine and manual vertical sponge foaming machine two kinds. The greater the mechanical power, the more raw materials are stirred at one time. It's important to choose the foam machine according to your own needs.

But the disadvantage of hand foaming machine is that the foam pores are big and small, and the internal pores are not uniform. For some of the sponge products exported to the developed countries, customers are not sure to accept them. Some sponges require a higher level of use.

Another disadvantage of manual foam is a waste of chemical raw materials to be a little more, the foaming process, each hair bubble, after the foam mixing barrel cleaning foam mixing barrel inside some sponge material will attach on the foaming barrel. After cleaning, this part of the material is wasted.

Foam machine is one of many sponge machinery production equipment, it has irreplaceable function in sponge processing. Of course, I believe that you may not understand the working principle of the foam machine, so here's a brief introduction to you.

The principle of sponge foaming machine in the production of sponge is: in the process of pre foaming sponge, foaming agent containing beads at 80 DEG C before, and not just blowing, blowing agent of the bead outward, the bead is not expansion. When the temperature is greater than 80 degrees, the bead begins to soften, and the foaming agent, which is distributed inside it, is heated and gasified to produce pressure, thus causing the beads to begin to expand and form bubbles that are not communicated with each other. At the same time, the steam will seep into these holes, increasing the total pressure in the hole.

As time goes on, the steam will continue to go deep, and the volume of pressure and beads will continue to increase. This process will continue until the expansion of the bubble is broken. Thus, in the foaming process, the continuous infiltration of steam, increasing the total pressure inside the hole is an important measure of sponge machinery and equipment.

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