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How to use a sponge mechanical mixing head?

Date: 2017-09-18 来源: 永益自动化
The mixing head of the foaming machine usually consists of four parts: a driving part, a material mixing chamber, a distributor and a nozzle. Agitator power directly from the motor drive, such as a DC motor driven directly by AC motor or by VVVF or pulley mechanism driven by hydraulic system, can also be driven by the hydraulic stepless speed variator. For large foaming machine, the stirring speed of mixing head mostly adopts stepless speed in various forms, it can be adjusted at any time according to need, foaming, select the appropriate speed, while in the small foaming machine applied for wheel transmission method (cone) stirring speed of the mixing head adjusting foaming machine.
There are two main types of agitator in the mixing room, the piercing type and the frame type, which are selected according to the type of the foaming machine and the foaming material. The size of the mixing chamber is different from the model. In general, low pressure foaming machine because of the material into the mixing chamber of low speed, generally by high shear mixing, high speed, large volume of material mixing chamber, the longer residence time in the mixing chamber, most of the materials are subjected to high pressure foaming machine nozzle to the jet into the mixing chamber, therefore, generally use low shear mixer, the volume of the mixing chamber is relatively small, the residence time of materials in the mixing chamber is short. In the high pressure foaming machine, the pressure of the mixing chamber can be adjusted to adjust the size of the foam hole.

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