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Sponge machinery equipment sponge profile cutting machine development experience and cutting methods have what kind of?

Date: 2017-09-18 来源: 永益自动化
Currently on the market of the sponge shape cutting machine are fundamental to the sponge NC copying cutting machine, in the early days of the sponge shape cutting machine are fundamental to the manual control, so whether we know sponge machine sponge shape cutting machine development up to now has gone through several generations? Sponge machinery Yangao machinary come to tell you today.
According to the introduction of sponge sponge machinery Yangao machinary, copying cutting machine from appearing in the market development has experienced three generations, the first generation is undoubtedly the manual copying cutting machine of this kind of sponge, sponge shape cutting machine processing efficiency is low, the processing precision is not good to control. The second generation of sponge shape cutting machine is a mechanical sponge profile cutting machine, this generation of sponge shape cutting machine than the first generation processing efficiency is improved a lot, but only in the machining accuracy better than the first generation, most of the time there is a big error, and the mechanical failure rate is relatively high. The third generation of sponge shape cutting machine is now common in our market of CNC sponge copying cutting machine, this kind of sponge shape cutting machine has high machining efficiency, high precision machining precision, system stability, low mechanical failure. At present, sponge machine production sponge profile cutting machine is basically a CNC sponge profiling cutter.
The sponge sponge machine cutting machine copying way mainly has two kinds, respectively is the horizontal and vertical cutting cutting. The cutting blade is sponge shape cutting machine and a cutting table parallel processing, and vertical cutting refers to the sponge shape cutting machine blade and table vertical cutting a cutting way. At present, sponge sponge machine with sponge sponge machine can realize the two cutting methods on one machine, but it must be controlled by hand switch or software to choose which cutting method.

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