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What are the problems that should be paid attention to during the routine maintenance and maintenance of foam cutting machines?

Date: 2017-09-18 来源: 永益自动化
Routine maintenance and maintenance:
1. every working day must clean the machine tool and the dirt of the slideway, make the bed keep clean, turn off the gas source and the power supply at work, and empty the surplus gas in the pipe of the machine tool at the same time.
2. if you leave the foam cutting machine for a longer time, then turn off the power to prevent the non professional operation.
3. pay attention to observe the lubrication of the cutting machine, the transverse and vertical guide rails and the rack surface, so as to keep the lubrication well! Three. Weekly maintenance and maintenance:
1., every week to foam cutting machine for comprehensive cleaning, horizontal, vertical guide rail, drive gear rack cleaning, filling with lubricating oil.
2. check whether the rail is working properly, if not normal, replace it in time.
3. check all the torch is loose, clean up the garbage of the ignition gun ignition, maintain normal.
4. if the automatic height adjustment device, detection is sensitive, whether or not to replace the probe.
5. check whether the plasma cutting nozzle and electrode are damaged and whether the nozzle and electrode need to be replaced.
Sponge machine sponge cutting machine is aimed at sponge, soft foam, recycled cotton and other chemical industry materials processing equipment. At present, the main use of servo motors to drive cutting tools, because the blade cutting accuracy, incision smooth, no dust pollution.
Operators in addition to CNC special-shaped sponge cutting machine tools for cleaning, but also often on the machine tool moving parts for lubrication and maintenance, the main method has the following aspects.
1, the worktable longitudinal and transverse guideways shall be injected with advanced grease to lubricate every week.
2. Slide rail up and down should be injected with industrial butter every month for lubrication.
3. The cutter head and the screw nut shall be lubricated with advanced grease every month.
After the equipment work, the operators should clean up the NC sponge cutting machine, mainly in the following aspects.
1, after processing should be promptly wiped machine tools, it is best to use the wind gun to clean the table, moderate control of the wind, and maintain the cleanliness of the conveyor table.
2, will be attached to the machine tool operating system, transmission devices, such as rails, racks on the large gray layer of foreign body cleaning, so as not to drop during processing.
3, to maintain the CNC sponge cutting machine equipment, lines and related devices reasonable placement, cutting operation better.

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