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Packaging, handling and maintenance of sponge machinery

Date: 2017-09-18 来源: 永益自动化
Sponge machinery has been removed and the reasonable packaging in the factory, the machine in the lifting operation, according to the packing requirements and shape, handling process to avoid machine mechanical deformation, the best at the installation site to open the packaging (packaging simple packaging, wooden box), before opening the package to check the exterior packaging is damaged.
When unpacking, from the top floor, the side panel can be lifted as a whole. Open the package before the check machine is good, and according to the packing list some accessories, if found more or less, the implementation of the relevant responsible party, and relevant departments to submit written trace.
Sponge machinery handling as far as possible the use of lifting equipment, lifting equipment load capacity should be greater than the weight of the machine, if there is no suitable lifting equipment, steel pipe in the box under the pad into several equal diameter, the rolling slowly pry lever. When lifting a machine tool, it can be inserted into the hole in the machine, and the diameter of the hole is quite the same
Steel pipe, in the machine tool without hanging hole, use the special hook or hanging ring on the wire rope, in the wire may touch parts, should pad with wood block or rubber and other soft material, lest abrade parts, paint.
Check the standard insulation resistance of the sponge mechanical and electrical system. The value shall not be less than 1 ohms.
Maintenance of sponge machinery:
Sponge machinery because of work space and environment, will produce some impurities, so the metal dust, therefore to conduct a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance equipment, but by the person responsible for the lubrication, repair and maintenance work!
Because this is a kind of equipment, sophisticated machinery, so the operation must be standardized, and operators must undergo professional training and skilled operation, non professionals do not move.
And before the operation, we must confirm that the outside world is normal, the machine and the surrounding all normal, cutting items can not exceed the cutting range.
In peacetime, but also to do regular maintenance, sponge machinery should do the following aspects of the inspection:
Make sure all the pipe fittings are not loose and that the belt is broken and tighten if necessary.
Check whether the clamping block, the steel belt and the guide wheel are free or loose and the steel belt is tight.
Check the performance of all buttons and selector switches, damage changes, and finally draw a comprehensive inspection pattern to check the accuracy of the machine.
Check all drive parts for looseness, check gear and rack engagement, and adjust as necessary.
Check the total air inlet for garbage and all valves and pressure gauges are working properly.
Guarantee sponge machine routine maintenance check no problem, can normal operation use.

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