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Rules and methods for the operation of sponge machines

Date: 2017-09-18 来源: 永益自动化
1, sponge machine start production, check all parts of the wiring is intact, after the host power supply, and at the same time close to the air compressor and chiller power supply.
2, before starting the metering pump, must go to the tank, feeding, sealing, open the pressure valve to tank filled with pressure, pressure for general 0.2m Pascal, Pascal (no more than 0.3m on the cylinder head by the digital pressure meter display), otherwise it will make the cylinder.
3. Open the discharge valve at the bottom of the sponge mechanical material tank. After filling the measuring pump, open the metering pump exhaust valve to empty the air until the exhaust valve is discharged.
4, hydraulic station hydraulic oil should be filled with clean (added to the liquid level display safety area shall prevail), move the hydraulic motor, the hydraulic to low state, check each part of the oil pipeline leaks, and then transferred to the normal work of the hydraulic state, after the confirmation, and then start the hydraulic pressure of the hydraulic station (station 1.5 ~ 17m Parker).
5, high and low pressure switch valve, JH30 series B material conversion valve, B material metering pump convey dynamic lubrication place should add two Xin grease, sealing and adjusting slip, and regular inspection, fill in.
6, A1, A2 material has the function of automatic cleaning filter by computer, set the washing time and stop time, B filter material manual cleaning, regular cleaning (cleaning, once a day), A1, A2, B every 3 to 4 days (Note: a slag off the tank under the discharge valve open. A discharge valve, filter under the slag discharge end).
7, casting gun head A/B material throttle valve should be regularly unloaded, clean. Special B material throttle, replace the Xinmi sealing ring, screw at the place of good butter installation, so as not to freeze.
8, in the production of gun head without feeding material, should be each group of material switching to low pressure state,

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